Tshwane South Tvet College Residence

By | June 30, 2022

Tshwane South Tvet College Residence

 Does Nsfas Fund Tshwane South Tvet College Residence

Does Nsfas Fund Tvet College Residence

The next thing to consider is where you will live once you have completed the Tshwane South Technical College registration process. Every applicant’s concern with accommodations is significant.


Therefore, it is advised that applicants look for a lodging place close to the college campus if the college does not offer accommodation. There are neither accommodations nor services offered to students at Tshwane South Tvet College.


Students can apply for an apartment of their choice at private homes near the campus in the meantime. Private housing options can include hotels, hostels, guest homes, and more, depending on what a student can afford.


Through the NSFAS programme, which allows students to apply for a loan to cover their living expenses, the Department of Higher Education and Training offers bursaries.

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Does Nsfas Fund Residence At Tshwane South Tvet College 2023

To apply for NSFAS  bursaries to pay for your residence cost at a Tshwane South Tvet college, the following are the required documents to be provided:

  • IDENTITY Document of the applicant (certified copy of the student’s identity document or certified copy of the birth certificate if not older than 18 years);


  • Registration documents (statement of results or academic record and printed proof of registration)


  • Certified copies of identity documents of both parents or guardian spouse; certified copies of identity documents and/or certified copy of the death certificate if one or both parents is/ are deceased; an affidavit if the student does not know the whereabouts of one or both their parents.


  • Salary advice slips not older than three (3) months of the guardian or both parents; a South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) letter or pension slip if the guardian or parents are pensioners; an affidavit if the guardian or parents are unemployed.


  • Proof of residential address (In line with the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 83 of 2001, NSFAS needs to obtain FICA documentation on first contact with the students. A certified copy of proof of address is required. Travel and Accommodation documents (if applicable) are attached as copies of signed rental agreements.


  • Travel and Accommodation documents (if applicable) are attached as copies of signed rental agreements.


  • In respect of an unemployed parent, it is the parent and not the student, who must submit an affidavit.


Tshwane South Tvet College Residence 2023

Tshwane South Tvet College does not offer residence or accommodation, but students can find themselves private apartments that are nearer to campus. Below are some private residences around the Tshane South Tvet College:

  • Green on Minni Guest House
  • Henry George GUESTHOUSE
  • Bennyguest
  • Muckleneuk Guest House
  • Maple’s Guest House
  • Park Gables Guest House
  • Union Guesthouse
  • Vivian‘s Cottage B&B
  • Pro-Active Guesthouse


How Much Is Accommodation Fee At Tshwane South Tvet College 2023-2024

Since the college does not offer accommodation, prices for private residences are determined by the private owners of the facility. On the other hand, students can be assisted by applying for Nsfas loans and bursaries to pay for their accommodation.


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