Can Nsfas Fund Me If I Failed

By | July 28, 2022

Can Nsfas Fund Me If I Failed

Can Nsfas Fund Me If I Failed My Modules

Nsfas Fund For Modules

Are you intending to be enrolled in a public Tvet college or university, or you are already studying at any of the public institutions in South Africa, then you are eligible to apply for the Nsfas bursary. You may be wondering as well if you will still be funded by Nsfas should you fail your exam.


The answer is yes, you will continue receiving funds because the NSFAS policy agreement stipulates that in order to continue receiving financial aid during their study period, a student must pass at least 50% of the modules that make up their programme as well as adhere to the academic standards of their institution.


The N+1 rule must be kept in mind, though. The N is the number of years you are qualified for, and the number (+1) denotes the number of years NSFAS will continue to finance you if you failed. The criteria are based on the length of time the student has been enrolled in tertiary coursework at any public university in South Africa.


Application Date Still Open For Nsfas Bursaries 2023

The application doors for Nsfas will be opened for the year 2023 to all applicants from the 2nd of November 2022 and closes on the 7th of January 2023. Applicants are therefore urged to apply within the application deadline.


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Will NSFAS Fund Me If I Fail All My Modules

No, NSFAS will stop funding you if you fail your modules. According to the NSFAS policy agreement, students must pass at least 50% of their modules and pass the academic performance of their institution in order to continue to receive funding. So, NSFAS will keep funding you as long as you meet the academic performance requirement.


How Many Months Does Nsfas Give Allowance

NSFAS allowances will be paid during the first week of each month over a period of 10 months.


Will NSFAS Fund Me If I Fail One Module

Yes, as long as you maintain the required academic performance of passing 50% of your modules, NSFAS will continue to finance you even if you fail one module. Additionally, failing one module won’t prevent you from receiving a 50% pass on all of your courses.


Will NSFAS Fund Me If I Fail Two Modules

Yes, NSFAS will continue to finance you if you fail two courses but only when you still fit in the 50 per cent academic performance pass. NSFAS will discontinue financing you if your two modules prohibit you from receiving a 50% passing grade on your modules.


Will NSFAS Fund Me If I Fail Three Modules

NSFAS will keep funding you if you fail three modules as long as you still pass the 50% academic performance of your modules. However, if your three failed modules prevent you from getting a 50% pass of your modules, then NSFAS will automatically stop funding your qualification.


How To Apply For Nsfas For 2023-2024

Follow the process below to apply online for the Nsfas:


  • Visit NSFAS Application 2023 website:


  • Then, you click on the ‘myNSFAS’ tab.


  • Create a myNSFAS account.


  • Click on the ‘APPLY’ tab.


  • Update your personal information.


  • Answer the questions you see on the screen.


  • Upload all the required supporting documents.


  • Finally, click on submit




For any queries related to this bursary programme, please contact NSFAS directly:

  • Tel: 0860 067 327
  • Email:


Hope the information given has been helpful to you, leave your comments in the comments section. Better still you can visit the official website of NSFAS for more details.


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