Which Health Insurance Covers All 50 States?

Which Health Insurance Covers All 50 States?

Which Health Insurance Covers All 50 States?

Many Americans are asking about health insurance plans that offer coverage in all 50 states, as accessibility and adaptability become increasingly important in modern life. For those who travel frequently, own properties in several states, or have out-of-state college-bound children, the idea of national coverage is especially enticing. States in the US (as well as the District of Columbia) have different approaches to managing health policies when it comes to health insurance.

Because of this, depending on where you reside, your options for health insurance coverage and your ability to find coverage at a reasonable price will differ widely. Within the sections of this state health insurance guide, we’ve offered a thorough review of every state’s health policy system.

Health Insurance that Covers All 50 States


UnitedHealthcare, which is renowned for having an extensive system, has plans that are useful for anyone looking for national coverage. Particularly well-liked by businesses with a physically varied staff are their policies. It’s a good idea to start your health plan search by considering the costs you want the coverage to cover. Verify whether the benefits include things that are important to you, like prescription drugs, doctor visits, or other specialized care.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)

With its wide range of coverage, BCBS is likely the most well-known provider. It works with a network of publicly owned and controlled firms. The national BlueCard program enables members to get health care far from their home state, thereby offering statewide coverage, even if each company is region-specific. Since Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage is accepted by more than 90% of physicians and specialists and opens doors in all 50 states, most members may relax. Additionally, with GeoBlue, you can make sure you have access to high-quality healthcare if your long-trip plan takes you overseas.

Your BCBS Coverage Travels with You

It’s a good idea to give your Blue Cross Blue Shield provider a call if you have any questions about the coverage you have in case something goes wrong while you’re on vacation. The BlueCard program, which links all 36 Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, provides coverage for most members when they travel within the United States. This allows members to take advantage of the discounts that the local Blue Cross Blue Shield plan has arranged with its physicians and hospitals.

Travelers’ Guide to Insurance

You can take the following steps to manage your health when traveling:

Traveling Inside the United States

  • To discover what your policies cover while traveling, give your BCBS business a call.
  • Keep your BCBS ID card on you at all times.
  • Call BlueCard Access at 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) or use the Blue National Doctor & Hospital Provider Finder to locate hospitals and physicians in your area.
  • For precertification or prior authorization, give your Blue Plan a call, if required. Please consult the phone number on your Blue ID card.

Traveling International

  • Before departing the country, make sure your Blue Plan covers you internationally, or get a GeoBlue plan.
  • Never be without your Blue ID card.
  • Hotlines are open around the clock in case you require medical assistance, need to find a doctor or hospital, or both. The BlueCard Worldwide Service Center can be contacted at 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) or by making a collect call at 1-804-673-1177. Call 1-800-257-4823 from within the United States or 1-610-254-8771, to collect, if you are a GeoBlue member. To learn more, visit BCBS.com or the GeoBlue website.

Several major insurers provide comparable alternatives, even though no single health insurance plan provides consistent coverage in all 50 states under the same circumstances. Kindly leave your comment below if u have questions about this post.


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