Tshwane North Tvet College Matric Rewrite 2023

Tshwane North Tvet College Matric Rewrite 2023

Tshwane North Tvet College Matric Rewrite Upgrade 2023

Tvet College Matric Rewrite Upgrade 2023

Tshwane North tvet College matric rewrite is the process whereby students who did not pass the National Certificate(NSC) or the senior certificate(SC)standard undertake a supplementary or what is popularly known as the second chance examination.


The Second Chance Program was created to assist students who wish to retake their matriculation subjects. Students who failed matric are not the only ones who benefit from this programme; part-time and supplemental students are also supported.


How Do You Prepare For The Tshwane North Tvet College Matric Rewrite 2023:

Preparation is the driving force for success, to prepare for a metric rewrite at Tshwane North Tvet College, these are some of the things to consider:

  1. Commit to your wellbeing
  2. Create a study timetable
  3. Identify your peak times
  4. Use past exam papers

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It might be incredibly tough to study for your matric examinations. It’s crucial that you look after yourself. Make sure to consume a balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise, and lean on your support network. Contact a confidant you can talk to if you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

Create a study timetable

Creating a study timetable is a very important method to use to help you manage your time. A study timetable will act as a guide for when you have to study.


Identify your peak times

We all have times in the day when we are more effective in how we work. These times might be different between you and your peers. Once you know your peak hours, study your most difficult subjects during your peak hours. This will allow you to use more time and concentration on the subjects you find challenging.


Can I Rewrite My Matric At Tshwane North College

Will I be able to upgrade my Matric at TNC: TNC does not offer Matric upgrade or re-write. No Public TVET College does that.


Visit The Official Website of TNC To Find Out More


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