How Much Is The Registration Fee At Tshwane

How Much Is The Registration Fee At Tshwane

How Much Is The Registration Fee At Tshwane

Applicants who applied to TNC can register after the selection process has been completed. After the selection process has been completed the management of the college welcomes all applicants to check their application status, if they have been selected by the college they can then proceed to register with TNC.

Please keep in mind that registration for 2023 will begin when applications are finalized. Tshwane North College has an online registration portal for students.

  • Registration periods take place three times a year for trimester courses: January, April/May, August/September
  • For semester courses, registration takes place twice a year: January and July
  • For year-long courses, registration takes place in January.


TNC Registration procedures 2023


The ITS iEnabler, a self-help/online system, is used for registration. For your convenience, the system is available off-campus. You are not required to wait in huge lines or come to campus. This instruction will assist you in completing your online registration. Follow the instructions to make this a simple and interesting procedure. To begin your registration, simply go to the TNC Student Portal;

1: Choose a student then enter your student number and pin.

2: On the left, select Academic Registration from the drop-down box.

3: Keep in mind that you must be admitted to the programme for which you are registering.

4: Make absolutely sure you don’t even have any limits on your registration. Your registration will be denied if you have any limitations. Before you may proceed, you must contact the appropriate agency to get the hold removed.

5: Look at the rules and regulations. You won’t be able to move on until they are accepted. After you have agreed to the Rules and Regulations.


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Registration requires the payment of a 40% deposit on the tuition costs. Registration costs for Tshwane North College must be paid in advance R1500 is the registration cost.


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